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Engage Your Core (Values)

We have entered the buzz and hubbub of Graduation Season in Charlottesville, and it is especially poignant to see students and families milling about town, celebrating the accomplishments of years of study. It is a season of transitions -- and as exciting as it is, this month also brings up feelings of “What next?” for many of us. As we (hopefully) enter a post-pandemic period, this is an opportunity for all of us, graduates or not, to take stock of where we are and make sure we’re moving forward in a way that genuinely serves our personal and professional goals.

My formula for transitioning from a stressed out, stalled out, or directionless life to feeling purposeful, grounded, and engaged hinges on two major elements: The first is a strategically designed mindfulness practice -- meditation, tapping, walking, or yoga daily. (You can find some of my free tapping meditations on YouTube or Instagram.) The second is identifying and living according to our core values.

Our Core Values are 3-5 concepts that are personally important to our well-being and happiness. My core values are Connection, Beauty, Curiosity, and Freedom. Each day, I set an intention to commit actively to these values. When I’m successful, I feel it -- and when I’m not, it allows me to reflect on the actions that aren’t serving my needs. When we align with our core values, we can feel a greater sense of empowerment and satisfaction in our lives.

What are your Core Values?

Every year at this time, I encourage clients to engage in a Core Values Assessment. The process is simple. I ask a series of questions that help us check in with our deeply personal values -- not the expectations of family or culture, but the very (often forgotten) concepts at the heart of our drive to wake up each day and LIVE! Over the last two years, I have tweaked and refined this exercise, and now I’d love to offer it to you.

This week, I am hosting a webinar workshop designed to help you identify and clarify your core values in a little under an hour. Here are the details:

Defining Your Core Values: An Online Workshop

Friday, May 21, 1:00 PM EDT

You can register for the workshop HERE.

And it is free for all who register!

Once you identify your core values, taking action is much more straightforward -- and far more rewarding.

Each day this week:

  1. Set the intention each morning to honor one or more of your Core Values. Anticipate how your day might feel if every action you take is in alignment with your values.

  2. Check-in with yourself throughout the day. If you are feeling unwanted emotions, see if there is a subtle shift you can make to incorporate a core value into this moment.

  3. At the end of the day, reflect on the moments that you were able to engage your core values -- and the moments where you might change your actions to be in closer alignment should that situation arise again.

Have a beautiful and transformational week. And congratulations to all who are engaging in life transitions!

Want to find ways to bring more joy into your career, relationships, and home? Together we can help you to find, create, and enjoy more of what you love. Sign up for an EFT session, or subscribe for a coaching package and jumpstart a life aligned with your core values!

The Lovely UnBecoming never wants cost to be a barrier -- email me at, and we can discuss a price or trade that works for you.


This service is not a substitute for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Services provided by The Lovely UnBecoming do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Therapy is awesome! If you are in the Charlottesville area and need recommendations for finding excellent mental health practitioners, email me.

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