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Breaking down the Wall of Writer’s Block: Part 1

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

You’ve combed through job listings and found an enticing position -- but the deadline is looming, and you still haven't started your cover letter. You avoid your computer so you don’t have to think about it.


You have a PowerPoint to pull together for an upcoming board meeting, but the task is overwhelming. Your screen is full of notes but you simply can’t get motivated to start the project.


You need to write a blog post for your clients, but you feel like no one will care about anything you have to offer, so you scroll through Instagram one more time instead of working on your essay. (Calling myself out here…)

Yep, you have a case of Writer’s Block.

Tap your way into a productive writing session!

This common affliction isn’t just for authors and students; most of us feel stuck or uninspired at some point in our professional careers.

Many folx have shared with me that they struggle with professional writing tasks because they are afraid of sounding stupid or of saying something wrong. Some are afraid that they don’t have any original ideas. And some are just afraid of failing or doing poorly.

The common element here is FEAR. When we are operating from a place of fear, it’s nearly impossible to get to a state of creative flow because we’re too busy trying to grapple with the fight/flight/freeze reactions of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). When fear triggers our ANS, it activates a whole host of physiological and hormonal responses designed to keep us alive in times of danger. But this response is counterproductive when we’re trying to sit down at our desks and express cogent thoughts.

Strategy for Releasing Writer’s Block: Manage fears of failure or being judged.

There are a multitude of ways to calm down your body's fear response that you may find helpful. Mindfulness meditation and breathwork are both excellent modalities for bringing your body back into balance. Some folks find that a few rounds of sun salutations help them find a little more ease and clarity.

My personal favorite is Tapping. Tapping (also called EFT) may also be an effective way to release the body’s response to fear so that you can think clearly again. The next time you have a case of Writers’ Block, try out this tapping meditation for releasing Writer's Block just before you get to work! (I used it just this morning...)

Next week, I’ll share a time management strategy for coping with Writer’s Block too.


If you are in the throes of making significant changes in your personal or professional life, consider engaging with a Life Coach to find the additional support you need to cultivate a fulfilling life. At The Lovely Unbecoming, we have coaching and EFT support packages available at any price point! Visit for more info.


This service is not a substitute for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Services provided by The Lovely Unbecoming do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

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