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Creating Change, One Role at a Time

Rehearsing For Life

Years ago, I was talking with a loved one who was dealing with a terrifying medical issue. She was disappointed with her health care, and admitted that she just froze up every time she went to the doctor's office.


She'd go in with a plan -- but then she'd forget how to discuss all the things she wanted to say. 


"I'd even write a list, but somehow, I would just freeze, and nothing on my list made sense," she said.

Then she told me: 

"I wish I could rehearse LIFE the way we rehearse a play because then I'd feel prepared."

And that got me thinking: What if we created a safe space where people could rehearse the things that made them freeze up -- like a hard conversation with a doctor, a board presentation, or even a marriage proposal?

What if we had a rehearsal room for important life moments?

Wandering Traveler

At the time, I was a theat

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