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At The Lovely Unbecoming

I work with intelligent, creative, multi-passionate humans who want more from their careers, and I help them find the confidence, clarity, and chutzpah to love their work, do it well, and make the most of their lives. 

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I’m Bree Luck

Life and Career Coach

Founder of The Lovely Unbecoming

 I am excited to help you design the roadmap for creating greater meaning through your creative and professional endeavors.  With my background in performance, psychology, drama therapy, creative community building, project management, and mindfulness, I will help you discover and cultivate a purpose-driven life.


My goal is to lead you toward a path of radical love, self-acceptance, and inspired action so you can get the results you need -- and have a little fun along the way.


With The Lovely Unbecoming Coaching Method, you create and live out your unique narrative.

I am the only coach who uses my unique inner role audit system to help you show up with authenticity and clarity.  After working together, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to show up, speak up, dream big, and set clear and compassionate boundaries at work and at home.

I’ll share the same strategies I used to help Cameron* weather a difficult breakup, to help Melissa make a major (and super exciting) career change after she was laid off, and to help Rebecca* navigate a challenging conversation with her organization’s board president.



The Rehearsal Room

Creating Change One Role At a Time


A monthly membership that offers weekly live coaching for your next:


Audition piece

Board presentation

Keynote Speech

Lecture content

Difficult Conversations

Elevator Pitches

Ted Talk ideas


And more!


Enjoy the Process of Designing your Life

Maybe you’re tired of your career, or you want to engage more fully with your family, community, or job. Maybe you have a GREAT idea for a creative project or entrepreneurial venture, but you don't know where to begin. Or maybe you don’t know what you want to do after graduation...  You need the skills to make confident, innovative, and strategic choices.


Together, we will discover what lights you up (and dismantle what you think is holding you back) so you can unleash and maximize your full potential.

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People are saying...

I lost my job due to COVID, but working with Bree was key in helping me look beyond merely finding a new role, and instead thinking about the story I wanted my life to tell. Bree’s gentle approach, and her ability to listen, help you get to your personal truth. The time you spend with Bree might be the best gift you ever give yourself. I’ve found an exciting role on a new path, and I don’t think I would have been able to take that leap without Bree’s guidance and support.

The class helped me gain a new perspective on my relationship with my career.  Through our final mapping process, I was able to see how I had abandoned my core  touchstones in my previous career.  I now have a lens through which to view opportunities that arrive at my door, and [I have] the empowerment to let them fall aside when they don’t match my true needs.

Hannah E.

Chris P.

The [Life Mapping]  class helped me articulate some of my current needs and my future goals. It also strengthened my commitment to taking action towards those goals

Working with Bree helped me define what I am looking for, and within a few months,  I have gotten a new job,  an offer to work on a new cookbook, and am working on a rebrand for my own older cookbook!

Lindsay G.

Melissa P.

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